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I'm Getting Married

🌟 Hi!

YOU: "Congrats Ruth! Who's the blessed Man?"

RT: "I don't know."

YOU: "Then... What are you talking about?"

RT: "I'm glad you asked! Ahem, allow me to explain..."

(LOL) So! Here's the deal. I am highly "Type A". I love Planning. I love "being Prepared". The Fact is, I have never actively pursued getting Married. My Daily Lifestyle since Birth, has been Focused on My Personal Growth & Development as a Single Girl/Woman. In this Season of My Life, I feel like I am at the point where it is now Realistic for Me to Mentally start considering what is involved in such a Lifestyle Change. Soooo, Welcome to My Journey! God alone knows what's going to happen with this. (LOL) Thanks for Reading!


Playlist: Church Life (1) "Church Life" Playlist =

"Wake Me Up" from the Album Alisa Childers (2007) by Alisa Childers

"Perfect People" from the Album Relentless (2008) by Natalie Grant

"Pretty Prison" from the Album Alisa Childers (2007) by Alisa Childers

"Plain" from the Album Life (2001) by ZOEgirl

"Gold" from the Album Gold (2012) by Britt Nicole

"Good Girl" from the Album Room to Breathe (2005) by ZOEgirl

"Living For You" from the Album ZOEgirl (2000) by ZOEgirl

"Dead Serious" from the Album Room to Breathe (2005) by ZOEgirl

"I Say" from the Album Alisa Childers (2007) by Alisa Childers

"I Believe" from the Album ZOEgirl (2000) by ZOEgirl

Playlist: Happy Sunday (1) "Happy Sunday" Playlist =

"Salvation" from the Album Deeper Life (2003) by Natalie Grant

"Blessed" from the Album Blessed (2002) by Hillsong Live Worship / Darlene Zschech

"Reason Enough" from the Album A Maze of Grace (1997) by Avalon

"Magnificent" from the Album Blessed (2002) by Hillsong Live Worship / Darlene Zschech

"You Are Worthy" from the Album For All You've Done (2004) by Hillsong Live Worship / Darlene Zschech

"Introit" from the Album Very Best of Michelle Tumes (2006) by Michelle Tumes

Self-Care Is Your Job

🌟 Hi! It's easy to sit behind a Computer, Tablet, and/or Cell Phone and spout off Lifestyle Tips & Advice. But what happens when Your Readers see you IRL (in real life)? Is Your Presentation equally (or more) Impressive? 
Never "feel guilty" about Investing the proper amount of Time Daily, doing what makes you IRL Fabulous, as well as Online Fabulous. Never forget, Self-Care is a part of Your Job Description.
Love, Ruth

Be Your Safe Place

🌟 Hi! Something that I have yet to Understand, is when some People make Statements like, "The Internet is so Toxic!", "Social Media is so Negative!", "I hate going Online, it's nothing but Gossip!" and so on and so forth. But... when you Scroll through Their Online World, it is all of the above plus some. What they say is Mean. They wouldn't dare utter an Inspiring Word. Instead they choose to Post Bizarre and Cryptic Photographs, Captions, Emojis, etc. that don't make a lick of Common Sense to The General Public... Thus being, Irrelevant, Useless, Hypocritical, etc.
Soooo, as a Lifestyle Blogger, I personally think that it is so important to Be that Safe Place You Desire. If you don't like a certain Vibe being sent out Online, then don't exude that Yourself.
Thanks for Reading! Ruth

Reward Yourself

🌟 Hi! In My Personal Opinion, Your Lifestyle Blog should be Rewarding to You in and of itself. Money? Definitely need it. Numbers? It definitely helps progress. Applause? Definitely feels good. But, at The End of Your Day, if it just wasn't The Day for it, what is Your Mood? I like to put My Head on My Pillow at Night (or Morning, lol) feeling Proud of Myself no matter what. Soooo, I do for My God and Myself. It definitely makes The Journey more Fun!

Spotlight Bible verse = Pastor Paul said, "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen."
(Philippians 4:19-20, NIV)

Thanks for Reading!
Love, Ruth

Fear Not

🌟 Hi! When I started My Lifestyle Blogging Journey 23 Years ago, it was not Respected as a Legit Career choice. I was Mocked and Disrespected to My Face and Behind My Back. It Hurt Deeply. It still Hurts Deeply. But I knew 100% that being a Lifestyle Blogger was My God-given Calling. So I kept going. I still keep going.
Spotlight Bible verse = King Solomon said, "Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe." (Proverbs 29:25, NIV)

Know What You Want

🌟 Hi! In My Personal Opinion, 100% knowing what You want to Achieve with Your Lifestyle Blog makes The Journey so much Fun!

Speak Your Truth

🌟 Hi! Thank God we Live in an Era where Everyone has the Ability to Speak Their Truth. That's what I enjoy so much about being a Lifestyle Blogger, utilizing that Gift. Thanks for Reading!
Love, Ruth