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Fall & Winter Holiday Watchlist

🌟Hi! Here are some of My Favorite Fall ("Halloween" and "Thanksgiving") & Winter ("Christmas" and "New Year's") Holiday TV Shows & Movies to Watch! This "Watchlist" will continue to be Updated as I discover (and remember, lol) new Favs!

💖 Click/Tap Here to Watch on Amazon

💖 Watch Movie Trailers / Highlights Videos below:

Thanks for Reading (and Watching)! Love,
Ruth 💋

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck - Glendale, Arizona; USA

🌟 Hi! I'll be sharing about My Experience @ the "Hello Kitty Cafe Truck" in Glendale, Arizona; USA soon!
Love, Ruth 💋

Holiday Fashion: Glitter Clutch Handbag

🌟 Hi! I love Styling "Holiday Outfits" for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Celebrations. Here are some reasons why I enjoy carrying a "Glitter Clutch Handbag / Purse":
💖 Glitter is Festive! Although... I like to Wear Glitter all Year long, lol. Something about Sparkles says, "It's Holiday Time!"
💖 It's Convenient. Small. Lightweight. It forces me to not lug around a ton of unnecessary Stuff. I like ones that include an optional Strap.
💖 It's Versatile. I can Dress it Up or Down. I can Style it throughout the Year for other Special Events or Everyday Outfits.
Thanks for Reading! Love, Ruth 💋